Best Chainsaw Mills for the Money in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Alex Falasca

Have you got a soon-to-fall tree in your backyard and would like to do something about it rather than let it go to waste? Not fancying paying huge fees to someone else to fell and clear it up? If you’re on this page for this specific reason, I’m sure that you have already made up your mind to turn these trees into slabs so that you can make something worthy out of it.

Another tool / machine, besides a chainsaw, that can help you do this task like a professional, is a chainsaw mill. A chainsaw mill is a HUGE helper when it comes to such heavy duty tasks that one can’t handle all alone. You need some sort of support system to guide you through this. And that is exactly why chainsaw mills exist.

This full guide is all about the 3 “top rated” chainsaw mills for the money that will assist you in turning wood to slabs without turning your pocket upside down.
I’ve picked out the best options I could find out from the web that are affordable, durable, portable and have the capability to meet your expectations!

Here you go with the top 3 chainsaw mills for the money:

1. Carmyra Portable 36 Inches Planking Chainsaw Mill

Owning the Carmyra 36 inch portable chainsaw mill with planking milling bar size of 14 inches to 36 inches, will be like having a DIY friend night next to you when milling.
Brace yourself as this ‘non-branded’ 17 lbs portable chainsaw mill is ruling the market, clamping down trees and competitors.

You need not have any hesitance to try out this piece of excellence from Carmyra as they have a 30 DAYS MONEY BACK warranty in case you find one better than this. If this is how much I stand by a product, what’s stopping you from getting a hold of it right now?
Read on further to know the intricate about this machine!

Product Features and  Specifications

  • This Carmyra portable chainsaw mill is built with exceptionally high quality steel and aluminium to provide you with the sturdiest construction in the market.
  • Apple, cedar, oak, walnut trees or any other rough creation of nature can be munched into lumber in minutes with this performance set machine.
  • Carmyra offers this great chainsaw mill to its customers at the best affordable rate without drowning your wallet.
  • Has the capability to cut through beams effortlessly, as it is compatible with 14 to 36 inch max saws, with no lags at all.
  • You can easily attach this 17 lbs / 7.5 kg beast to a saw, without the need of a drilling bar.
  • Quick and super easy installation process – no hassle trying to fix this and that screw.
  • This versatile Alaskan style 36″ planking mill’s height and width can also be well adjusted according to your preference.

  • Just as excellent as the expensive ones. Highly recommended and affordable when compared to similar mills
  • Though it is an “off brand” product, the quality of all parts is on point – well finished aluminium rails and chromed steel parts. This product simply screams “finesse”
  • Great construction – guides your chainsaw to cut exactly the thickness you want it at at
  • Perfect mix of weight and functions. It wasn’t as heavy to handle as it was expected to be
  • A must-have for those who want to mill their own lumber without wasting money on store-bought expensive ones. Stays fixed in place, as it is supposed to be
  • No step-by-step instructions manual – could have made the schematic assembly ever faster
  • A little awkward on 36 inch saws as a particular amount of pressure has to be enforced
  • The nuts. especially the wingnuts on the side, have a tendency to loosen up frequently

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2. Imony 36″ Inch steel and Aluminum Portable Chainsaw Mill

The next big seller making it to the midst of this list is the Imony portable 36 inch steel and aluminium chainsaw mill.
This widely applicable machine will take care of the most stubborn wood in your place, in no time. It’s built with 304 stainless steel and aluminium for long lasting performance and durability. This will be a product you cannot say no to.

Loved the Alaskan style chainsaw mill your neighbour has and want one similar to that at a lower price tag? Look no further, as this Imony 36 inch chainsaw mill is the perfect alternative you’re looking for. AND it also comes with a lifetime warranty too!
Read on to know more about its details and specifications:

Product Features and  Specifications

  • The Imony portable 36″ chainsaw mill is built with high standard aluminium and 304 stainless steel, to guarantee you with a machine that will last for at least a decade to come.
  • Never worry about whether you can handle this mill’s weight as it has been designed to be lightweight and easy to use – only 14lbs.
  • 10-36 inch saws can fit perfectly well with this product of Imony. Get your chainsaws sharpened and ready quick.
  • The well thought construction of this mill enables it to be a highly portable machine, so that you can take it around wherever you’ve got work to do!
  • Gives you a cutting capacity of 6 inches and allows you to easily adjust height and width as you’d like.
  • Lifetime warranty! No need to think about getting another mill as Imony has got your investment covered with the 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty!

  • Best alternative to expensive Alaskan mills. It gives you pretty much the same quality of work at half the price slashed
  • Setting it up is quite simple – comes with numbered pictures to give you a wider picture of the final assembly
  • Very much portable indeed – easy to just haul it to any work site and start slicing down wood to lumber
  • Solid built. The mill is not at all flimsy and seems like it’s here to stay for quite some time – but, only if you stay put with the measurements and maintenance
  • The maximum 36 inch length and 13 inch max thickness goes well with most of the chainsaw models available in the market
  • Lifetime warranty is an awesome bonus that comes along with this purchase
  • Works a little less efficiently with smaller saws. Most of the time, only large saws are well compatible with this machine
  • Accuracy can be a bit off sometimes
  • Has a low cutting depth, when compared to similar models

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3. Zchoutrade 14-36 Inch Portable Chainsaw Mill

Coming up next is the Zchoutrade 14 – 36 inch portable aluminium steel chainsaw mill. This aluminium and steel made machine is just another synonym for high-graded, standardized tool construction.

This Zchoutrade mill is great for home gamers, woodworkers and amateurs who are in search of a portable and durable milling, welding mill. But, beware, because once you experience the quality of this you won’t have the heart to look for another.

Here are its specifications and features to give you a more detailed look:



Product Features and Specifications

  • With this Zchoutrade chainsaw mill, you’ll be getting a maximum adjustable length of 36 inches and a thickness of 13 inches – to knife through oak, maple and cedar trees like a pro feller.
  • Each and every part of this machine is designed with finesse and perfection to provide you with a chainsaw mill that does exactly what you want.
  • This Zchoutrade mill works without the need of a drilling bar and can be matched with almost any chainsaw model in line within the max 36 inch measurements.
  • A 30 DAY MONEY-BACK guarantee is offered by the seller! That’s how you’re supposed to trust your products!
  • One of the most affordable, low-cost options in the market. Perfect for first time users who want to try out these machines.
  • Weighing just 15 pounds, this model of Zchoutrade can be conveniently taken around wherever you need to slab wood into lumber.

  • Very clear and concise instructions. Most mills lack in providing the user with the necessary instructions to set it up, but this one has updated it well
  • Works well with small and large saws. Definitely worth the price
  • Easy to use and start working as and where you are – though a ripping chain can make the job even simpler
  • Weighs much lesser than other heavy-duty mills but gives you the same performance on the whole
  • Notably rigid overall design – comes with extra nuts too! A really nice initiative by the dealer
  • Bolts are a little loose and have to be tightened frequently
  • Measurements are off in some mills
  • A few parts were missing for some customers – but, it can be solved by simply reaching out to the seller or dealer

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And now, we’re done with the reviews. So, what do you think? Let the wood live in your house as a piece of handmade creation or just let it rot in the woods? Don’t be too hesitant about taking a step forward, as you never know, once you do, you may regret not taking it earlier!

Most probably, I’m pretty sure that you already have a chainsaw compatible with at least one of the above models. So waste no time and pick your perfect DIY partner as you’d like. What’s even better? All these chainsaw mills have quite long warranties and guarantees to keep you satisfied with your purchase.

On an end note, technology has come quite far to please us with its new and upgraded inventions to make our lives much more easy and comfortable. Such is a chainsaw mill. Some people cut slabs and lumber for work and some do it as a hobby or recreational activity.

Let me tell you that using one of these will smoothly take so much weight and pressure from your side, so that you can drift on with your hobbies and work without wasting time or money.

Let’s get on and ahead with a brand new addition to your arsenal!