Best Electric Pole Saws 2021 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

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Last Updated on January 15, 2021 by Alex Falasca

Making it clear, who doesn’t desire to artistically carve their rugged, messy garden into a well-manicured, aesthetically pleasant garden with low maintenance costs? Dreaming about it ain’t enough. Smart work takes the charm when it comes to carving out the garden of your dreams. Of course one needs some sort of help to do this right?

“Pruning experts? Nah. Not the best option. Too many amendments needed. Garden care services? Nah. Too expensive. Not worth the dollars. DIY? Doable, but how?”

If you’re like me and thought through these questions in your mind like me, a few years ago, you’re at the right place. An electric pole saw is the exact thing you need.

Portable, lightweight, no fuel needed, no batteries to be replaced. Does all you need for the garden – pruning, cutting, hilling etc. What more? Let me take you through my list of the best electric pole saws of 2021!

There are a wide variety of such electric devices available in the market. These choices could become intimidating and you may end up buying an ineffective machine.

To ensure that you make the best buying decision, we are going to introduce you to some of the best electric pole saws available.

Top Rated Electric Pole Saw Reviews in 2021

1. BLACK+DECKER PP610 Corded Pole Saw, 10-Inch

If you’re searching about for a handy, portable pole saw, stay on because the Black and Decker PP610 corded electric pole saw might just be the one.

A striking black and vibrant orange colour combo that’s stylish, yet classy at the same time! Tons of cutting and trimming tasks will be a piece of cake for this effective, high functionality tool.Equipped with an incredible 6.5-Amp motor, this throttling beast will enable you to make ultra-precise slashes on all thin and thick woods. Fatigues and complications will never come your way with this ergonomically designed Black & Decker saw!

Key Features and Specifications

  • The aesthetically designed 10” Oregon low kickback bar and chain will empower you with better, faster cutting speed with minimum vibration and noise all the while.
  • The Black & Decker PP610 pole saw is befitted with an auto oil mechanism to ensure constant and sufficient lubrication for the bar and chain.
  • Weighing just 7.9lbs, this pole saw gives you optimal maneuverability and dominance of the machine to prune on for long durations.
  • Stay off a ladder, as this one tool will be giving you an overhead reach of up to 9.5ft with the extension pole.
  • Comes with a cool scabbard that protects the bar and chain whilst moving it here and there.
  • Quick-adjust tensioning system for swift adjustment of the cutting chain tension.
  • Increased safety measures with the trigger switch and lock-out button.

  • Facilitates a consistent and enduring performance throughout the pruning session

  • The oil window is quite helpful to quickly check out the oil level
  • Self-oiling system comes in really handy in boosting the tool’s life and reducing wear on the bar and chain
  • Much easier to handle and operate, as compared to gas versions
  • Perfectly built and highly durable – not flimsy at all
  • Excellent height extension of about 9.5ft – no lugging of ladders anymore
  • Safety features are spot on – reduces anxieties and fatigue while working for long durations
  • Oil cap leaks when laid on the side

  • No tool slot or any small space given to place the adjusting tool – should have been incorporated
  • Not as effective as advertised when cutting thick branches
  • Chain comes off a bit too often
  • Awkward on very high branches – would have been better if the saw was mounted at an angle

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2. EARTHWISE CVPS43010 10-Inch Convertible 2-in-1 Corded Electric Pole Saw/Chainsaw

The Earthwise CVPS43010 10 inch convertible chainsaw is a 2-in-1 hassle-free choice for your entire garden’s tough works.

If you’re someone who’s environmental conscious and seek even the slightest opportunity to give back to Mother Nature, this Earthwise pole saw is for you.



This Earthwise model is a fully “Clean Air Choice” – emits ZERO harmful fumes or gases into the environment. It comes with a durable 7-Amp motor for great cutting speed and capacity, for slashing through tons of branches in a couple of minutes.

Want some uniqueness? This Earthwise pole saw has a 20-60 degree rotating cutting head too! Something that’s not yet exclusive with many other brands and models! You can never go wrong with this chainsaw/ pole saw multi-tool.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Get gas-like cutting power and efficiency with the powerful 7-Amp motor.
  • This 2-in-1 tool comes with an 8 inch pole saw extension that will enable you to reach high spots with great ease.
  • Includes an adjustable pivot head with 5 settings so that you can cut anywhere between 20 – 60 degrees according to your convenience!
  • Reliable 10 Inch Oregon bar and chain for tremendous, swift cuts on even the most stubborn branches.
  • Earthwise CVPS43010 is a “clean air” chain saw – operates without emitting any harmful gases into the environment.
  • Auto bar and chain lubrication mechanism – for a consistent cutting performance with no hitches or breaks.
  • Gas-like cutting power and efficiency with the powerful 7-Amp motor.
  • This 2-in-1 tool comes with an 8 inch pole saw extension that will enable you to reach high spots with great ease.
  • Includes an adjustable pivot head with 5 settings so that you can cut anywhere between 20 – 60 degrees according to your convenience!
  • Reliable 10 Inch Oregon bar and chain for tremendous, swift cuts on even the most stubborn branches.
  • Earthwise CVPS43010 is a “clean air” chain saw – operates without emitting any harmful gases into the environment.
  • Auto bar and chain lubrication mechanism – for a consistent cutting performance with no hitches or breaks.

  • Visible oil window is useful for keeping in check the oil level
  • Great safety features included in this model – chain cover, shoulder strap and protective bar
  • Shoulder strap is highly recommended for reducing fatigue and possible back pains
  • Transforms from a chainsaw into a pole saw within just a few clicks
  • The cord retention hook is a stress-saver when it comes to keeping wires out to the way – clear line of sight
  • Cuts branches like butter – great value for money
  • Burns the wood at times without cutting it
  • A little top heavy when trimming horizontally
  • Only suitable for light-duty jobs
  • Louder than it should have been – quite noisy
  • Chain adjustment is a bit awkward to alter

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3. Sun Joe SWJ803E 10 inch Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw

The Sun Joe 10 inch 8-Amp multi-angle pole saw is for sure a great addition to your yard maintenance arsenal.

Enjoy immense cutting speed and performance with the robust motor and 10” Sun Joe bar and chain. This electrically operated tool starts roaring away with just a push of a button.

You can now tackle all those hard-to-reach branches by standing solid on the ground within your comfort range! No smoke, no fumes, no chaos.

This lightweight 7.9 lbs machine comes with a full 2-year warranty too. Why wait? Keep “logging” on for more hours!

Key Features and Specifications

  • Comes with a 10 inch cutting bar and chain, from the industry’s leading manufacturer, Oregon, for efficient non-stop cutting.
  • Automatic chain lubrication system to keep wear and tear of your bar and chain far far away.
  • Consists of an 8ft telescoping pole to provide you with an amazing overhead reach of up to 14ft – no need to be traumatized by extremely high tree branches anymore!
  • The intense 8-Amp motor empowers you with great cutting power to munch through branches up to 9.5” thick.
  • Rotating multi-angle head for easy adjustment of angle settings from 0 – 30 degrees.
  • Ergonomically designed handle and foam grip to provide you with the ultimate comfort and ease during the trimming sessions.

  • Lots of safety features have been included in this model – the safety switch, blade cover, extension cord hook
  • A very decent affordable tool for seasonal residential use – worth the investment
  • Easy to assemble and operate according to given manual – no complications in that
  • The saw’s blade articulates really well – makes even the tough wood cutting a quick, tire-free task
  • Length adjustments were as easy as breeze. The cam shortening and lengthening the pole is quite durable and smooth going
  • Easy to assemble – just about 15 minutes
  • Chain is a bit loosely fitted and falls off the bar often
  • Gets a bit warm at times – need at least a few breaks in between
  • Not quite as portable as expected it to be
  • Usable length is closer to 8ft rather than what is mentioned – taking into consideration the operator’s grip and safe cutting position

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4. WORX WG309, 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

Coming from the product vault of Worx, the Worx WG309 10 inch electric pole saw is a phenomenal partner for all the trimming needs of your garden. The peculiarly designed, sturdy 8-Amp motor boasts to give you a lot more comparatively raw, intense power than its other similar competitors.

Trim high up or low down as per you convenience as you can easily transform this from a pole saw to a chainsaw and vice versa in just a few seconds time. This machine is a 2-in-1 dream indeed!

The 8ft extension pole increases your reach by a huge extent to enable you to cut high up branches easily. With such a versatile design and powerful motor support, this electric pruning saw is quickly gaining popularity among residential and commercial users.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Equipped with an exclusive, patented auto chain tensioning system that extends the lifetime of the bar and chain by preventing over-tightening.
  • It offers tool-less installation and de-installation of the pole attachments in a couple of minutes.
  • Get intense power with consistency from the 8-Amp motor and 10” bar and chain of this streamlined machine.
  • The Worx WG309 pole saw is super compact and feathery in weight – only 10lbs.
  • Designed to balance out the weight equally throughout the tool even at great heights.
  • This easy-to-maneuver tool is very durable and sturdy as it has been undoubtedly fitted with a 10” compact powerhouse of assured quality.

  • The rotating handle really makes pruning much easier and fatigue-free
  • Surprisingly highly useful for not just pruning and trimming but also for jobs like hilling, and clear up duties
  • Very low maintenance required – no complicated repair needs
  • Pretty light-weight when compared to the power it gives out
  • The cuts the blades give are flawless and super effortless – has plenty of power and torque
  • The ergonomic comfort grip comes in handy for reducing fatigue during long trimming sessions
  • Lack of safety features
  • No chain oil is included in the package – which is needed to even start it
  • The manual could have been easier to understand – a pain when searching for repair solutions
  • Not suitable for regular use, only for occasional use

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5. Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw

Need something new for a quicker, simpler way of trimming the stubborn unwanted creations of nature, without leaving you off the balance on your ladder? It might be just the time to bet on a proper, well-balanced standard pole saw like the Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10 inch 8-Amp electric chainsaw / pole saw combo.


remington electric pole saw


This awesome 2-in-1 transformable pole saw makes to my strained list of top 5 highly recommended pole saws of 2021 effortlessly. By taking a chance on this, you’re actually getting an amazing combo offer which has a detachable pole saw to help you reach high up branches with ultimate ease and comfort. Safety, as always, comes first!

You can now munch up the dreadful 10-15 ft high branches with your own skills and expertise with this versatile tool.

Oh, and there’s still something more…

This Remington Ranger tool has a swift conversion mechanism – which means it can be transformed from an electric chainsaw to a pole saw in literally NO TIME.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 2-in-1 tool comes with an intense, low kick back, instant start 8-Amp motor and 10” bar and chain – no start up troubles anymore!
  • Easy no-tool conversion from a handheld chainsaw to an electric pole saw and vice versa. Just attach and detach. That’s about it.
  • Make lopping and pruning an easy peasy, fun task with the comfortable non-slip grip and flip and lock clamps to secure the pole’s height as accorded.
  • Two aluminium booms to give you an extra extension of up to 10” – thus, a total of 15 ft overhead reach for you!
  • Only weighs 12.4 pounds – nothing will be top-heavy here!
  • Adjustable telescoping design to make height variations of the pole a quick trick.

  • Anti-rotation pole design is extremely handy when trimming high branches
  • Easily manageable attach and detach mechanism is a great boost for amateurs
  • Truly a much needed improvement of the previous version – a highly improvised and thoughtful version
  • Cause very minimal noise or vibration while operating
  • Completely safe and secure to use, even in the trickiest situations. Not much kickback risks too
  • The pole assembly takes just a few minutes – all parts fit together perfectly without any loose or non-attachable parts
  • Even has a protector deflecting shield at the front of it, so that you can be alerted in case of anything flying towards you
  • Have to manually squeeze bulb for oil – not a pleasant thing
  • Oil continuously leaks from the saw whenever it’s stored – so, we have to empty it every time before storage
  • Chain loosens up a light after a few cuts – quite a usual thing
  • The pole saw becomes little awkward to handle when fully flexed – can be too heavy for some
  • The plastic parts of the tool seem to be made of cheap quality

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What to look for when buying an Electric Pole Saw?

An electric pole saw is undoubtedly, the most light weight kind of pole saw when compared to its alternatives – no fuel tank, no battery, and no excess weight. Hence this becomes the type of pole saw that brands add the most additional features and latest comfort techs to.

electric pole saw lowes

As by the name goes, these are electric powered saws on a long extendable pole, which is ought to allow the user to easily trim, prune branches at unreachable heights – without the risk of a ladder. But when it comes to actually purchasing one for yourself, you can’t just anyhow randomly close your eyes and click on the “add to cart” button.

So throughout the process you might as well get overwhelmed by the huge selection range to choose from. To find that perfect yard partner for you, here are a few things to take into proper consideration.

    • Compatible power to weight ratio

You should always check the motor power, weight and extended height of the pole saw properly. This step is essential to estimate if your height and weight is accorded with that of the pole saw.

A well balanced stable position isn’t just key to precise cutting, but also to the safety of your well-being.

    • Yard / Trees Measurements

As usual in any type of pole saw purchase, knowing the size of your yard and the top most height of your tallest trees to be trimmed is a MUST DO. No neglecting of this!

Of course, the whole point of you looking for an electric pole saw is to eliminate the need of a ladder. So you don’t want to misinterpret your trees’ heights and end up bringing out that awful, unstable ladder out again.

    • Brand assurance

When I say “brand”, I don’t just mean the big stylish name you get on your packaging. I’m including the manufacturer’s reputable name among customers’ too. Like for example, Oregon is a highly favoured brand/manufacturer among many pole saw brands (in specific parts) and users because of its great market presence and quality of product output.

Not just that. Buying from such a brand or manufacturer with such high public visibility can also increase your chances or availability of replacements or spare parts. Always think forth.

    • Warranty and guarantee

I’m sure this is something you’ll stay on look for even if I didn’t mention it. No matter how great a specific model is, some unfortunate pieces may be defective or poorly made.

And worse still, you might be the scapegoat of it if it lands in your hands. To prevent such chaos, always check out the manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee periods.

    • Preplanned budget estimation

What’s your budget then? Budgets need to be carefully planned out and fixed. And once fixed, I recommend no turning back for too many alterations. As I always say, only make slight adjustments. Never overspend or underspend. Keep to your budget.

    • Additional features

You’ll be getting lots of impressive features whichever random electric pole saw you pick. I recommend you to tick off the most important, necessary add-ons first – the ones for your safety. I usually tick them off in this order:

  • Safety Features – the top most importance should be given to these kinds of add-ons. These include for example; anti-rotation pole, cords/wires retainer etc.
  • Comfort Features – we all like a little more comfort right? I look for these sort of features next. These include foam grip, hook on tip, angled head etc.
  • Other stylish, advanced features come lastly. These kind of unique features really boost your confidence and excitement, making you look forward to pruning and trimming!

      • Power Supply Availability

    To operate these machines, you need a proper electrical supply. Ensure this as you don’t want your machine to stop working in the middle of nowhere. Definitely not enjoyable.So, go on and have an explore mania with the huge ray of options before you! They can vary a ton from 2-in1, 3-in-1 to even 5-in-1 combos!Sounds exciting, isn’t it? With the advent of technology, electric pole saws now come induced with a myriad of attractive aspects in them. I leave it completely up to you, to choose wisely based on your own analysis of its plus and minuses.


Cut short your gardening worries with the help of such an incredible machine which will make life easier for you. Coming to the wrap up, I think you’ve already taken a good decision by doing some research on your fore coming purchase.

These 5 products that I’ve listed above are on my top-notch favourites list. Check them out and let me know if they made it to your favourites list too!

These tools have undeniably made gardening chores a stress-free enjoyable routine. Operating on one of such will make you say good bye to the long, tiring hours in the backyard, aching shoulders and paining palms.

Gardening has never been simpler!