Best Gas Pole Saws 2021 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

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Last Updated on January 1, 2021 by Alex Falasca

Maintaining your well-manicured lawn is, for sure, no easy task. It takes time, patience, concentration and a bit of risks too. Many homeowners choose the low cost way of using a ladder and saw but, in turn, get themselves more expensive medical bills to pay.

Get what I mean? If you’re like me and prefer to a make a one-time investment for a fun, risk-free pruning and trimming session, you’re inevitably at the right place.

Spending $500 on professional service providers is also an option. But…not a smart one though.

Getting yourself a good gas pole saw is like finding your right hand partner in battling stubborn vegetation. For those of you who are hesitant to purchase one or are trying to find the most perfect gas pole saw for you, we have simplified your job by listing below the top 5 gas pole saws of 2021. Tried, tested and guaranteed!


5 Best Overall Gas Pole Saw Reviews of 2021


1. Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw

The Poulan Pro PR28PS 8” Gas pole saw is a super versatile tool that has 6 attachment options and gives you a reach of up to 12ft. The 6 options you’ll need to keep in mind are blower, hedge trimmer, edger, pruner, brush cutter and cultivator.

This might be the most easy, effortless gas-powered saw that you’ll have no problem with starting up. The reliable consistency and working performance of this saw is one to never miss.

Keeping your stubborn lawn and vegetation in check will be a piece of cake with this darling!Key Features and Specifications

  • The spring assisted pulling cord with an easy-to-use parge bulb assures you quick, effortless start ups within very few pulls.
  • The no choke SureFine starting system allows you to restart your too fuss-free each and every time.
  • ProLink Rapid attachment system enables you to easily click and pair with 6 other attachments like blower, pole saw, brush cutter etc.
  • Automatically adjust or extend your line by simply tapping the trimmer’s head on the ground.
  • Straight shaft with 8”chain and 0.080 trimmer line – with a reach of 12ft.
  • A considerable weight of 14.21lbs.

  • Awesome versatility – easy to attach with different extensions as required without the need of tools
  • Ergonomic design – weight is well-balanced throughout the tool which gives much less fatigue
  • No cords to stumble upon or get messy with while working
  • Great high reach potential of up to 14ft even (ultimately depends upon the user’s height)
  • Auto oiler does its job well by always keeping the bar and chain lubricated
  • Great value for the given price tag
  • Chain saw extension is wimpy
  • The gear jams up often
  • Motor takes quite some time to warm up
  • Needs a lot of gas – very thirsty

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2. TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and Chain

The Trimmer Plus Saw with bar and chain is designed for pruning and clearing up trees and hedges. It comes with two different extension sections that allow you to reach up to 12-feet, depending on your height. To maintain a top-cutting performance, the bar and chain are constantly lubricated, thanks to the automatic built-in feature.

This is a versatile tool compatible with various attachments and is easily transformed into any device you might need around your yard. The same manufacturer offers a wide range of attachments you are able to use with most trimmers that have split boom capabilities.

gas pole saw reviews

Key Features and Specifications

  • Product dimensions are 4.4 x 35.8 x 5.9 inches. It weighs around 3.5 pounds.
  • It has two different pole size options and allows you to reach up to 12-feet in height.
  • Automatic lubrication ensures smooth running, with minimum noise produced.
  • The same manufacturer offers a full line of attachments to choose from.
  • You are able to pair it up with many different attachments and have an all-in one specialized tool to complete any chore with minimum effort.
  • It comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • A lightweight, versatile tool for every chore in your yard
  • Two different length options reach up to 12-feet in height
  • A lot of power stored in a small and handy device
  • Many attachments to choose from
  • Very safe to use
  • Operates quietly
  • Users report problems with the chain coming off
  • It has many plastic parts that tend to break and get damaged

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3. MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw 42.7CC 2-Cycle Extendable

The MAXTRA 42.77CC 2-Cycle extendable cordless gas pole saw is a unit designed meticulously to give you a rugged performance even in the toughest cutting jobs. The durable construction is built to serve you for decades to come.

This beast has a HUGE fuel tank capacity to ensure super long hours of work with no interruptions and unbeatable powder that you won’t be able to experience until you use one. Ladders can stay safe and sound in the garage longer, as this tool can extend form 8.2 ft to 11.4 ft with its 10” cutting bar. 16ft branches will never be a problem again!

And it doesn’t end there! This gas-powered engine is protected with an air filter and throttle lock-out on the near handle to prevent any potential risks or accidents.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The cordless no battery, gas-powered nature of the saw gives it high manaurerability and ease of use.
  • With its 42.7CC engine displacement and max engine power of 1100W, you can knife through wood like butter, in no time.
  • Multi-purpose tool – you can use it for logging, pruning or cutting without ever having to worry about wires or cords getting tangled in between.
  • Inertia-activated chain break for lower kickback risks.
  • Advanced humanization design – has a separate air filter just to protect the engine.
  • Anti-slip, anti-rotation shoulder strap to reduce vibration and fatigue considerably.
  • 2-position choke for effortless start ups and to increase safety for the user (YOU!)
  • Can be adjusted from 8.2 ft to 11.4 ft – gives you a total reach up to 16.5 ft with its 10 inch cutting bar – ladders away!
  • Comes with an active lubrication mechanism.
  • 1 Year warranty.

  • Comes with a super cool bag to easily store it and carry around when necessary
  • Large fuel tank capacity – enables you to work for long hours with no trouble /problem
  • The power engine that uses the exclusive QuickStart technology is sure worth the dollars – high cutting intensity and optimal power
  • Includes multiple safety features as mentioned and more. The enhanced chain cover really keeps it safe and secure.
  • The quick release connector makes attaching and detaching the extensions easy peasy
  • The overall price tag for this wondrous tool is fantastic – extremely powerful and durable (60% more powerful than Echo in fact)
  • Plastic chain shield gets chewed up every now and then
  • Manual and instructions could have be written much better – not that specific and clear
  • Quite heavy – 16.5 lbs
  • Cut off switch is too close to the trigger – moves easily and shuts down the tool

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4. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Pole Saw, 15-Foot Reach

The Dewalt 20V MAX XR pole saw is designed mainly for lawn care and maintenance uses while keeping in mind damage, brush clearing and such more. You always have the option to interchange the 8” bar and chain for a 10”one.

Comes with an auto oiling system – no more wasting time oiling your bars! This is a great tool to add to your arsenal if you’re a homeowner with a considerable amount of lawn work to do.

For professionals, this is definitely a go-to supplementary tool worth taking along. Take a chance and have a look at the ray of benefits you’ll be getting from this awesome tool below!



Key Features and Specifications

  • Durable and ergonomically designed pole shaft that extends up to 10ft will give you an overall reach of 15ft.
  • Save time and energy as this Dewalt tool comes with an auto oiling system to consistently lubricate the chain.
  • Includes metal bucking strips for a better grip.
  • Has a tree hook for you to easily pull down those pruned or cramped branches.
  • High intensity, brushless motor others you up to 96 flawless cuts per change.
  • 8″ low kick back bar and chain.
  • Comfy rubber hand grip to provide you with utmost control and ease of handling.
  • 3 years limited warranty.

  • Left side bar and chain is placed in such a way that does not affect your line of sight
  • Easy to handle – only 8.44 pounds
  • Has a great cutting capacity of 16″ in diameter – perfect for huge logs and trees
  • The angled head makes it much safer and trouble-free to operate
  • Does almost everything – first rate for cutting for high and low with the same power
  • Metal bucking strips do help a great in stabilizing the saw while running
  • The drive motor is on its head – thus makes it a little top heavy at times
  • The 12ft reach is based on a person of 6ft tall so most people won’t actually get the 15ft reach as advertised
  • The connectors between the extensions vibrate a lot and loosen up often
  • Chain saw is too feeble

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5. HUSQVARNA Outdoor Power Equipment PA1100 Pole Saw Atta

This heavy-duty pole saw attachment makes it easier to reach trees and bushes without having to climb on a ladder or use a sky lift. The total length of the attachment is around 6-feet and it weighs around 5 pounds. It fits several models of the same manufacturer and is powerful and very easy to use.

It is also lightweight and specially-balanced to cut with precision. meaning less fatigue for you. It is a great tool to have around when you have tall trees that need trimming but don’t like ladders – or are unable to place them securely on the gas powered pole sawKey Features and Specifications

  • Product dimensions are 7.5 x 5 x 44.7 inches and it weighs under 5 pounds.
  • Shaft length is 32 inches and cutting width is 6 inches
  • The length of the heavy-duty pole is 12-feet. With this, you are able to reach branches, limbs and bushes without additional climbing equipment.
  • The saw is sharp and allows you to do chores around the yard in a short space of time.
  • It is compatible with various models designed to support the 43-inch boom.
  • Its sturdy composition allows you to cut through hard materials with ease.

  • Lightweight product with a lot of power
  • It is easy-to-use, detach and store, so it is convenient
  • It allows you to trim your trees safely, without having to use additional climbing tools
  • It is made from good-quality materials and has a sturdy composition
  • Not compatible with all the models from the same manufacturer
  • The length of the pole is not adjustable
  • Some users wish it was longer

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Why is a Gas Pole Saw essential to you?

Since you’re already here, I don’t think you really need an introduction to why you need a gas pole saw. Gas pole saws are obviously ideal for heavy duty pruning and trimming works of all types.

When used properly (as you should), you’ll be able to handle and complete a tone of work in a quick span of time, safely. Okay, let me just make it much easier for you by listing them out.

gas powered pole saws

  • Immense power – thick and heavy logs or trees are like a stack of matchsticks in front of these aggressive tools with unbeatable power and strength.
  • High portability – since there’s no cords or wires dangling around, lack of mobility will never be a hindrance with these meticulously designed cordless machines.
  • No chaos of electricity problems – as the name is explanatory, these “gas” powered saws operate with only the mixture of oil/fuel and gas. So you’ll never have to worry about finding an electrical outlet nearby. Just fuel the tank up to the fullest and you’re good to go!
  • Great for both commercial and home use sawing needs – gas pole saws are a must have for professionals as this machine is built for tough, long running jobs. For homeowners with huge lawns and trees to trim, this tool will be just enough to take care of your cutting needs like a piece of cake.
    A much better one-time investment rather than spending $500 per year on those considerably expensive service providers.
  • Versatile nature – most gas pole saws come with extendable and interchangeable attachments so that you can transform your pole saw to a cultivator, pruner, leaf pruner, hedge trimmer and more(depending upon the model) within just a few minutes of detaching and attaching.
  • Better range of bar lengths – varies from 8” up to 12” cutting bar lengths. The longest ones are known to give you a reach of 18 feet even.
    Trim safe and sound with your feet on the ground and not on some risky, unstable ladder.
  • Comparatively longer run time – gas pole saws undoubtedly have the most run time and least interruptions due to power lag. Their huge fuel tanks are enough to last for hours and hours with no bogs or stops in between.

How Should You Use Gas Pole Saws Correctly?

Any saw is inheritently dangerous to use if you’re unaware of how to handle it cautiously. Remember that whatever the type of pole saw is you’re literally holding a razor sharp sword in your hand.

Just like how samurai warriors use their swords with style, skills and most importantly safety, you too have to operate yours by pre-planning all that is necessary.

Mandatory Precautionary Measures to Take

  • Make sure that you only work in broad day light or with full fledged proper lighting (in urgent situations) so that you can have a clear vision of your working area.
  • Make sure not to have any children or pets around you so that you don’t put yourself or others in danger.
  • Better, if not best, to have another person (an adult) near you whenever you’re using a pole saw, as often as possible. This is to reassure yourself that in case of an injury or emergency, you’ve got someone near you to assist/help you.
  • Beware of the occasional kickbacks even if your product is advertised to have super low kickback rates.
  • Watch out for the spring-backs from the branches once the cutting pressure is released – Maintain a safe distance and angle.
  • Avoid working near power lines or branches that are too close to them. (The usually recommended distance is 25 ft)
  • Always ask an experienced person or a professional if you’re of how to handle it properly, especially newbies. Don’t take a chance being all heroic and causing unnecessary damage to yourself or the ones around you.

a best gas pole saw used


Preparing For The Beast

  • Safety gears are a must no matter how much of professional you are. These safety gears include reliable protective wears like chaps, protective vest, gloves, eyewear, thermal wear etc.
  • Ensure that the chain is well lubricated – even if most models come with an auto oiling system.
  • Check for the blade’s sharpness (do not touch it with any bare body part). Bland blades can be pretty dangerous and messy as well.
  • Check the fuel tank for oil level. The oil reserve should be at least half way up. Or else, mix appropriate amounts of oil and gas and fill it up to the optimal capacity.
  • No matter how light weight and ergonomic your model’s design is, fatigue is quite common after long durations of use. You can minimize this by going for models that have ergonomic handles and shoulder straps too.
  • Always take short breaks in between. Be easy on yourself.

Wrapping it up

This all-in-one versatile tool is guaranteed to be of great value for your money and comes with different warranty periods. These “machines” are built to last for decades to come…only if you maintain them well with enough love, care and maintenance.

A gas pole saw is the perfect partner for your battles with thick trees and weeds. Power through great territories at ones with this sword-cum-transformer to achieve a well manicured lawn.

There are also variations in gas pole saws like ones for homeowners, farms and ranches and they vary a ton in tank capacity, rpm and engine power to provide you the most suitable kind at a cost effective price. Now…

Time to choose the one for you!