6 Easy Lawn Maintenance Tips for Beginners

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The secret to a healthy-looking lawn is, of course, regular maintenance. Aside from sourcing the best lawn grass and stocking up on organic fertilizers and pest control solutions, you should also be ready to get your hands dirty. 

Lawn Maintenance Tips

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Whether you choose to do it once a week or every other month, your lawn will need all the care and attention to look vibrant and lush. When it comes to keeping a healthy lawn, there are several tricks to get the job done. 

Some of the essential things you want to take care of regularly include:

  • Fertilizing
  • Watering
  • Mowing
  • Weed Control 
  • Edging
  • Repairing Damage


After seeding your lawn or transplanting the grass, you should use an organic fertilizer to boost mineral supplements in the soil. Whether you know this or not, plants require the right amount of minerals to support healthy growth. This has to be provided by the ground. Before planting, you should conduct a soil test to determine the nutritional content of the soil.  

When shopping for fertilizers to use, you want to go for healthy options that are free from chemical compounds that could be harmful to your lawn grass. The best time to fertilize your lawn is in early spring, fall, and in summer when the soil nutrients are depleted. 


All plants require water for rapid growth and development. So also do all the different types of lawn grass available out there. There are methods to help make the process more straightforward and stress-free when it comes to lawn watering.

watering tips

For example, a sprinkler system could save you the hard work involved with doing the job manually. You could also decide to use a hand watering can to do the job manually. Watering should be done regularly, depending on the nature of the weather. You will need to water frequently during the rainy seasons, and as often as daily during hot summer weather. 


In addition to watering and fertilizing, you also need to mow lawn grass when it gets bushy. There are tricks to cutting lawn grass. First of all, you want to make use of a lawn mower. It makes the job easy and allows for a neat and even cut. 

Some of the rules of lawn mowing are: 

  • Don’t trim off more than one-third of the grass blade 
  • Maintain the height of your specific grass type
  • Trim your lawn regularly (once a week or twice monthly) depending on the season
  • It pays to invest in a lawnmower.

Weed Control

You will also have to deal with weeds that compete with lawn grasses for nutrients and space. Even with proper land preparation, it can be challenging to eliminate unwanted plants from your lawn field. For this reason, you will have to keep in store a highly potent weed control solution. 

If watering and mowing are done regularly, it could reduce the occurrence of weeds. Your best bet may be to begin the prevention of weed growth as early as possible. You should apply herbicides in early spring to kill off the other plant roots that may compete for water and nutrients later on. 

You can also use spot treatment during summer to rid of any unwanted plant roots that may be hiding deep in the ground. 


Mowing your grass is not enough to take care of uneven grass growth. It would help if you also carried out the edging of your grass. The process involves trimming off the grass edges. You can liken it to shaving for men. A good haircut won’t clean enough if the beards are unkempt. 

 It would help if you considered getting an edge trimmer to trim out the edges of your lawn grass properly. You will have to make use of it every time you use the mower. 

Damage Repair

You will occasionally need to carry out repairs to damaged sections of your yard. There are a lot of things that can cause damage to your yard. Some of them include trampling by kids and pets, fungus, pest, and other natural factors. 

 When performing inspections, you should look out for bare spots, holes, disease areas, and discoloration in your grasses. These are some of the early signs that your lawn may need repairs.  

Final Note

Keeping a healthy lawn is not at all a difficult task. Although, as a beginner, it can be sometimes stressful keeping up with maintenance routines. You will have to learn how to enjoy lawn care if you want your grass to look healthy. 

You will need to use herbicides and fertilizers occasionally in addition to watering, mowing, and weeding. When shopping for nutrients and supplements for your garden, it is best to go for organic options free from toxic chemicals that can be harmful to both you and the plants. 


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