Best Remington Pole Saw Reviews in 2021

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Last Updated on January 15, 2021 by Alex Falasca

We all love to keep in check with the newest technologies of all sorts. If you’re a garden asset lover like me and keep on the watch to add new welcomes to the garden maintenance arsenal or, you just want to take a shot at the latest wave of pole saw/chain advancements, look no further.

Remington is popularly known for providing its customers the best of what it can. And by no biasness, I’m a fan of the importance they give to creativity and state-of-art technologies! Recently, combo offers are taking over the pole saw industry, to the customers’ delight. It’s like paying for one and getting two or more. Who doesn’t like such stuff?

In the category of electric pole saws, you can get tons of variations and improvised models for sale online. But, choosing the right one is key to getting back the money you put in. So here I’ve got gathered with me the top three 2-in-1 Remington electric pole saw + chainsaw reviews for you!


Top 3 Remington Pole Saw Reviews

1. Remington RM8EPS Ranger II 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw Combo

The Remington RM8EPS Ranger II 8-Amp 2-in-1 pole saw and chainsaw combo takes the crown of this list with its rigidly engineered design and unbeatable cutting performance. If you need a tool that can help you trim both high and low with just the push of a button, this is a take-home offer you.

Fitted with a powerful 8-Amp electric motor and 10” bar and chain – this tool is built to perform tough duties with ultimate ease. Transform this tool from a chainsaw into a 15 ft pole saw and vice versa to adjust to your cutting requirements.

Why wait? Have an in detail look at the key features and specifications below.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Saw what you see, saw wherever you want, with this awesome 2-in-1 tool which enables you to easily attach and trim high branches or detach and trim low ones on the ground – no-tools conversion!
  • Electrically powered 8-Amp instant start motor with 10 inch bar and chain are designed to give you the rawest cuts with ease.
  • No time wasted in altering the pole saw’s length as the easily adjustable telescoping design enables you to vary heights in seconds.
  • Saw away risk-free in your own comfort zone as Remington has got you protected with many add-on safety features like non-slip grip, anti-rotation pole, and flip and lock clamps.
  • Weighs just about 10lbs – easy to cut above your head.
  • Full wrap handle for better maneuverability and comfort.

  • Has an offset angled, self-lubricating head and integrated hook too – great for stable positioning
  • Well built, sturdy saw design – manageable by even a beginner
  • Converting it from a pole saw to a chainsaw and vice versa is literally just a snap
  • Cuts through trees like butter indeed. Gravity and this tool are perfectly made for each other
  • Very rugged – didn’t get damaged even when dropped here and there by accident. Shows the quality of materials used
  • Very little noise – not as loud as a circular saw or a lawn mower even
  • No automatic chain tensioning – always have to keep an eye on the chain tension and oil level
  • Chain stretches and heats up very quickly – though it’s fixable
  • Extra weight on the pole’s end – tough to hold it horizontally
  • Chain slips out of the guide bar often – not a pleasant thing

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2. Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw

If you’re super tired of using heavy saws that leave you off the balance, it might be just the time to invest in a proper well-balanced quality pole saw like the Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10 inch 8-Amp electric chainsaw / pole saw combo.

It’s an ultimate combo offer which has a detachable pole saw that helps you reach high up branches with great ease and comfort.

You can now handle those 10-15 ft high branches with your own skills and expertise with this dream-like tool.

And wait…there’s more!

This Remington Ranger tool has a swift conversion mechanism too – which means it can be converted from an electric pole saw to a chainsaw in NO TIME.


remington pole saw reviews

Key Features and Specifications

  • The Remington RM1025SPS Ranger yard tool comes with a powerful low kick back, instant start, beautifully optimized 8-Ampere motor and 10” bar and chain. Though it’s lightweight, it holds the roaring power of a fully fledged gas saw.
  • Easy no tool conversion from a handheld chainsaw to an electric pole saw and vice versa by just detaching and attaching it.
  • Two aluminium booms extendable up to 10” – thus, a total of 15 ft overhead reach for you!
  • Make lopping and pruning a simple, risk-free task with the comfortable non-slip grip design and flip and lock clamps to secure the height.
  • Adjustable telescoping design to make height variations a quick move.
  • Weighs just 12.4 pounds – no top-heavy stuff here!

  • The anti-rotation pole design comes in very handy when pruning high
  • Super easy attach and detach mechanism
  • A much better improved and improvised version of the previous version
  • Very little vibration and noise
  • No kickback risks! Completely safe and secure to use, even in tricky situations
  • Pole assembly is simple and quick to finish – all parts fit solidly together without any wobbles
  • It even has a protector deflecting shield at the front of the saw so that you’ll be alerted early in case of anything flying towards you
  • Manual squeezing of bulb for oil
  • Oil leaks from the saw when stored – have to empty it every time before storage
  • Chain usually loosens a light after a few cuts
  • A little awkward to handle when fully flexed – can be heavy for some
  • The plastic parts seem to be made of cheap quality

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3. Remington RM1025P Ranger 10-Inch Electric Chain Saw/Pole Saw

The RM1025P Remington Ranger 2-in-1 chain/pole saw is the epitome of Remington’s creative technological use and its ache to provide the optimal benefits for its customers. Super lightweight. Easy to use. User-friendly design.

What more? Well, you’ve got to wait a little for the rest of the detailed information below. This tool with an 8-Amp motor and 10 inch bar and chain, will be your perfect right hand support in yard maintenance from now onwards.

Wait no more as I take you through the full details below.


remington pole saw



Key Features and Specifications

  • Adjust the tool’s length swiftly and professionally with the aluminium upper pole that comes with flip and lock clamps for safety.
  • Gives you a total of 15 ft reach so that you can trim high up branches without the awful, unstable help of a ladder ever.
  • Powerful 8-Amp motor and low kickback 10 inch bar and chain designed to smash down thick branches in mere seconds.
  • 2-in-1 versatile functionality – both a chainsaw and pole saw in one compact box of supreme technological wonders.
  • This Remington tool comes equipped with a non-slip grip to allow you to operate it without any safety anxieties.
  • Weighs just 9lbs – anyone can handle!

  • Extremely sharp and quick to cut – does the job in just seconds
  • Switching between the pole saw and chainsaw is as easy as pie
  • Makes very little sound – not at all noisy
  • Great for people who have lots of tall trees and logs to cut – cuts even a 6 inch diameter oak tree branch in seconds
  • The wingnut clamp holds the pole in place tightly no matter how much swaying there is
  • Super high reach – ladders are now a rarely used thing in the garage
  • Trigger lock button is a bit tough to press and hold
  • Buyers have to make a choice between either a curved handle or a straight handle
  • Chainsaw is easy enough to hold but gets a little bulky when extended

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Wrapping it up

Remington offers a varied range of trimming, cutting and other products. Ranger pole saws are convertible and can easily switch from being pole saws to chain saws. The products feature Remington’s usual user-friendly designs that make trimming and cutting tree branches safe and easy.

From the moment you receive the package, you will see for yourself that it’s a quality made item. The carton itself is an engineering wonder in a way. Imagine the product!

Dominate nature’s will by accessing your inner ninja with these top rated electric Remington 2-in-1 pole saws of 2021!