Best Ryobi Pole Saw Reviews in 2020

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Last Updated on October 1, 2020 by Alex Falasca

Homeowners are now using different tools to decorate their gardens. The Ryobi Pole Saw is a powerful, outdoor tool that easily cuts the branches and limbs from trees. It is also affordable to operate.

image showing using a ryobi pole saw

A huge number of homeowners are operating Ryobi brands to cut hard branches quickly. It is available in a wide range of models, coming in various shapes. All are battery-charged.

Without any extension, one can cut wood properly. This saw will give a natural, beautiful look to your garden. The top three models of this cutting tool are listed below.


1. Ryobi RY43160 6 Amp 8″ Bar Electric Corded Pole Saw

The bar electric corded saw is designed with an inline motor. Offering ultimate control, it cuts wood in a short space of time, without leaving pieces on the ground. It also comes with a 6amp electric motor that operates without issue. The saw’s superior quality enables you to automatically cut branches up to six diameters.

The product is available on the market at an affordable price. It will easily cut any complex wood when used for pruning works. For buying this product you have warranty and process smooth operation.



ryobi pole saw


Key Features

This saw performs excellently. For example, it gives power constantly, allowing you to use it for a long time. The product further enables you to cut wood. It is also secure, preventing health issues. A narrow blade in the saw cuts pieces quickly and correctly, turning them into the desired shapes.

The saw protects you and the tree when it comes to cutting branches, and you can cut from any angle. Saw product is possible to fix hole to be visual on cutting by using automatic oiler.


  • The product is 7 x 7 x 82.5 inches in size.
  • It is 12-pounds in weight.
  • It has a power source of battery-powered and corded electric.
  • Telescopic fiberglass exits to adjust size (up to nine feet).
  • Comes with an eight narrow of chain and kerf bar

  • It offers more power and visibility, allowing you to cut wood properly
  • It contains nine feet of extension
  • You can adjust the saw in a convenient way
  • Elegant to use
  • It gives less time on its warranty

  • This product does not work properly when it is fully extended

  • You feel uncomfortable if wobbly extended

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2. Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18-Volt 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw

This product is available online and comes with a three-year warranty. 18 volts offer proper to access without any issues. Using this tool enables one to trim in a unique way. Besides, the cordless pruner is adjustable, making it easier to cut difficult branches quickly.

It is powered with a lithium battery to cut the tallest branches safely and quickly and allows for pruning tight spaces. If you wish to purchase this product, there are attractive discount offers online. It is the best option for cutting hard tree limbs.Key Features

The pole saw is operated with batteries. It provides a stable duty trimming chain and bar. The user might be able to cut branches off the tree with an immediate pole. The product is manually-operated and 18 volts handled pole existed.

It is a well-balanced tool which not handles any extension. If you damage the product, you can exchange it for warranty time. Anyone can use this saw to make their garden look fantastic. This model is widely used by homeowners.


  • 41 x 10.3 x 6.3 inches in dimension.
  • 10.7 pounds in weight.
  • 18 volts.
  • Returnable with ninety days.
  • Bare tool is attached.
  • Extended saw (up to 9.5 feet).

  • It decreases the time it takes to drag branches
  • The cordless saw is angled with a pole that helps to give a clear view from underneath
  • You might be able to cut branches into small pieces
  • Chain oiling operates automatically
  • The saw not have battery power
  • Telescoping apply on pressure
  • The saw uses up more power than electric ones, but saves time

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3. Ryobi 18V One Plus Pole Saw Bare Unit

This is a great purchase for those who wish to decorate their gardens without spending much. With the automatic chain, you can cut branches quickly, without facing risks. The product is extendable by up to four meters.

You can cut the tallest branches with this tool and decorate your garden quickly. Features and specifications of the product are as follows:



Key Features

  • It is elegant to cut at any branches at affordable time.
  • Has a lightweight design.
  • A three-year warranty is included if purchased online.
  • 18-volt lithium battery included, taking forty-five minutes to charge.
  • You might able to adjust its length.
  • With certain diameters, it cuts branches more easily.
  • The pole saw has different options, enabling you to cut faster without added effort.


  • Product dimensions: 6.7 x 45.7 x 9.1 inches
  • It weights nine pounds
  • Wattage of 18 watts
  • Chain speed of 5.5m
  • 20cm length/18 volts of bare unit
  • Angled at 30 degree

  • It is great to use
  • Easily cuts branches into small pieces
  • Cost-effective to purchase
  • Durable to operate
  • Provides maximum power when it comes to cutting hard tree limbs
  • Battery power not included
  • It does not have safety tools
  • It will not work properly on high branches

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Are you looking to buy a Ryobi pole saw to improve your garden’s beauty? If the answer is yes, choose any one of the products we have mentioned. In this article, you have viewed the products’ features and specifications.

Special discount offers are available if you purchase the product online. So, buy this great electric pole saw and make your garden look beautiful. You can also buy products with high-quality, exclusive designs from retail stores at reasonable prices. Enjoy your life in natural surroundings!