Best Silky Pole Saw Reviews in 2021

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Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by Alex Falasca

The Silky brand saws are highly reputed for withholding extreme class and quality while being slightly on the expensive side. But oh wait. Once you get to use one of their products, you yourself will be able to figure out that it’s totally worth it.

Silky is a much trusted brand that has been and is reining the industry of cutting saws and forestry equipment for over a century – since 1900s.

Silky boasts a huge, I mean HUGE range of saws varying in all shapes, sizes, sharpness and purposes in order to perfectly fit any professional, gardener, homemaker or even a hunter. Silky is guaranteed to be the one stop solution for all your saw and blade needs.

Livings up to its uniqueness, all Silky saws come with a set of premium features as mentioned below:

  • All Silky blades are impulse hardened by going through a distinct high frequency heating technique so that they can give you laser sharp cuts and last 3X more than non-hardened ones.
    Note: They also retain their flexibility so no need to worry about that.
  • An additional safety cum comfort feature – Ergonomically designed elastomeric handles to give you optimal grip whilst reducing fatigue and vibration.
    Note: It also has a special high tech compound that doesn’t get slippery, ever.
  • Premium packaging – Every Silky saw with a fixed blade comes with a custom designed scabbard.
  • All carrier cases are designed in such a way that never affects the blades’ sharpness or your convenience!

Silky is a brand like no other. Let me tell you why. Even though Silky is a massive company, they never shift their focus to expanding their ray further with other tools like mowers or blowers. Their only focal point has always been saws, saws and saws of all kinds.

That is why they’re able to invest more and more into their saws, just to bring you these high-tech, state-of-art products earlier than any other brand.

Being manufactured in Ono Japan, the home of quality steel and of course, next-gen technology, Silky and its products are constantly raising the benchmark for their competitors. Leading in design, innovation and efficiency, Silky continues to make its mark stronger and bolder.

If you are looking for a Silky pole saw, we are here to help you with our 3 top choices. We will mention the products’ pros and cons, so that you can get an idea about the pole saws and make a purchase plan. Let’s head into the topic:



1. Silky HAYAUCHI 3-Ext. Polesaw 6.3m

The Silky Professional Series 179-39 Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw is a top selling model in its Hayauchi series. It comes with aluminium, rubber body with the metal parts made of SK4 high carbon steel.

It offers you smooth, sweat free cuts with its ultra sharp blade and teeth configuration. The pole saw can be easily extended up to 21 ft. With a maximum reach of 25ft, you’ll never have to use the ladders again.

This pole saw is ideal for cutting high tree branches. Here are its top specifications:silky pole sawKey Features and Specifications

  • 15.4 inch XL 5.5 teeth per inch teeth configuration blade with a custom scabbard.
  • The 4 sectioned aluminium telescopic pole saw with 3 extensions gives you a maximum working reach of 25ft – perfect for super tall tree branches.
  • Oval shaped extensions enable you to have full control of the saw’s directions, even if it’s 21ft away.
  • Only 7.35 pounds – easy on the arms and belt loop.
  • Adjustable locking feature for the extensions to reassure you of your safety and security.
  • The blade made out of Japanese steel uses Silky’s exclusive 4-RETSOME technology which makes it perfect for pruning tough trees and branches.
  • Easy no-tool removal of the saw head.

  • Can reach up to a height of 26ft! Great for professionals
  • Hook tip is very helpful in pulling down suckers and also ensures even cuts by holding the blade in line
  • The blade can be adjusted to 2 different angles – upper sickle for high reach cuts and lower sickle for smooth low cuts
  • Has a shock absorbing handle at the end – comfy and easy to use during long pruning sessions.
  • The firm blade cover does not scratch the blade too much or reduce its sharpness
  • Cut capacity of 7.7 inches
  • It can be quite top heavy for some
  • The maintenance cost can be very high, especially for sharpening the blades
  • The pole adjustment buttons are very weak
  • The nuts and bolts have to be tightened very often – are not holding the tool together properly.

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2. Silky Hayate 2-Ext. Pole Saw 5m

The Hayate 2-Extension 16ft XL Teeth pole saw is an awesome product of Silky that is one not to miss! With the trenchant 16.5 inches long, 1.8mm thick blade and superior quality sheath, this pole saw will never wear or tear even after a dozen outings.

The Hayate 371-42 pole saw made with special alloy steel is a must have for professionals! Cuts your long pruning works to half, effortlessly.

This is a professional-grade pole saw that can be used for a ray of purposes other than just pruning.
Here are its specifications and features for you to have a much more detailed look:

Key Features and Specifications

  • One of the most powerful, tough built and fastest telescoping pole saws available – a state-of-the-art (most advanced technology as of now) design.
  • Uses the advanced ‘Silky MIRAI-ME Smooth Cutting Technology’ for its durable blade of 16.5 inches and 5.5 teeth/inch combative teeth configuration – just to provide you those razor-sharp cuts at 4 different angles!
  • The oval shaped thick aluminum double extensions surrender you the full control over the blade’s direction and minimize bending and dragging.
  • Dual pole locking system – primary lock mechanism of buttons and secondary lock mechanism of friction clamps designed to work in harmony to provide you maximum transfer of your efforts from the handle up to the blade.
  • Extension range of 7.9 to 20 ft with the telescoping 3-sectioned pole. Ample height to reach even the tallest of the tallest trees!
  • Comes with a pole-end shock absorber and rubber overgrip at the base pole so that you can prune easily with a sense of security and great comfort.
  • Supplemented with an advanced sheath design that has an in-built carrying handle.

  • Replacement blade fits all Hayate pole saws and can be re-sharpened easily
  • Maximum reach of 16’ – exceptionally great for pruning palms
  • Lightweight design – only 6.95 pounds (with the blade cover)
  • High cut capacity of 8.3” in diameter – almost glides down the tree in no time
  • The thick pole extensions give you a better base grip and are perfect for high cutting works – something that’s really important for professionals
  • The sheath has 2 retention positions – one to safely retain the saw as a sheath and the other to retrieve it one-handed as a holster
  • Long strokes with great maneuverability. A much better option as compared to motor pruners
  • The lock buttons with springs allow you to adjust multiple lengths.
  • The sheath’s plastic material doesn’t seem to be of good quality.
  • The belt loop is made of faux leather and isn’t replaceable.
  • The pole’s weight and height can cause fatigue – a more ergonomic design is needed.
  • Rattles around too much for such an expensive premium product.

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3. Silky 272-15 Telescoping Zubat Pole Saw

The Silky 272-15 Telescoping Zubat PROFESSIONAL Series Ultralight Pole Saw can be extended by up to 11 feet easily. With a 13” length and thickness of 1.4mm, the pole saw’s blade can slash tough branches in no time. It offers a maximum working height of 16 feet too.

You can use the pole saw for a variety of purposes like pruning, trimming, arborist, forestry, lawn and gardening tasks. The pole saw is lightweight and provides all-day-long pruning support. Here are its top features:silky sawKey Features and Specifications

  • Just 3.5 pounds operating weight – highly portable pole saw for any vehicle!
  • The ultra light pole saw has an extension range of 6.6ft – 11ft and a maximum working reach of 16ft.
  • Pole-end shock absorbing handle to give you a comfortable grip.
  • 13” impulse hardened blade with 6.5 teeth per inch teeth configuration to provide you excellent, tough cuts.
  • The razor-sharp teeth with four cutting angles are guaranteed to provide you a fast, clean and extremely smooth cutting experience.
  • The Zubat pole saw has an integrated dual locking system to ensure structural rigidity of the extension parts.
  • Oval shaped aluminium alloy extensions to prevent one-sided drag and bending. This will give you definite control over the directions and strokes.

  • Adjustment mechanism is very secure
  • Cuts through pods like butter – you can have a very efficient working time with this awesome piece of tool
  • Razor sharp cutting edge – even super thick branches can be slew in minutes
  • The blade assembly has knobs on the bolts for easy storage and transport
  • Blade is narrow enough to give you clear visibility of where you’re cutting
  • Solid metal constructions – the Rolls Royce of pole saws
  • The length of the pole saw is pretty short so you need to use a ladder for trees higher than 16’
  • The blade flexes a bit at times
  • You have to be really conscious while working with this pole because of its high teeth configuration
  • Replacement blades are very expensive

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So these are my top 3 choices of Silky’s pole saws. As you’ve already read above, Silky pole saws are undeniably the Roll Royce of saws. All these 3 products of Silky are so exceptionally good that you can just choose one closing your eyes and trust me, it won’t be a bad choice!

Precautionary Warnings!

  • Do not use pole saw within 15 meters of electrical wires or power lines.
  • Use all pole saws with their respective safety guidelines and regulations to avoid any injury or fatal accident.
  • Never use pole saws above your head.
  • Always wear necessary protection, especially hard hat and eye protection.
  • Do not touch the extremely sharp blades with hands or any other body part.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Whenever the pole saw is not in use, it should be placed properly and securely into its blade cover or scabbard.
  • Silky and its affiliates are not liable for fatality, loss, injury or damage due to the operator’s improper use.

As much as getting sharp cuts on your trees is essentially important, NOT getting any cuts or injuries on yourself is a priority-must. Be safe and secure so that you can be there to use and enjoy your purchase up to its fullest.

This one-time investment can last you for 20+ years if you put in the proper care and maintenance. Pick your choice and contact your nearest local dealer or simply order it online. (#hint: online purchases come with additional offers and discounts!)

Silky’s unbeatable supremacy and durability will make you a saw master even if you’re just a mere beginner right now! Still in doubt? Try to borrow and use a Silky from an existing user and you’ll be rushing to the store ASAP!

Don’t ask for a saw, ask for a Silky!