Why Should You Invest in an Electric Chainsaw?

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Long gone are the days where manual chainsaws were operated by two grown men tirelessly sawing on both ends to bring down those big trees. With the help of technology and growing knowledge, that misery was replaced by gas chain saws.

Similarly, in today’s era, the gas chain saws are now being over-waved by electric chain saws to a huge extent. Let’s talk about what’s hyping now…the electric chain saws.

Brief Intro to Electric Chain Saws (for those who don’t already know)

Any type of chainsaw is a great machine that can help mankind overpower the strength of nature (for the better) and can be carried around as required. As science and innovation expands, it’s our natural instinct to explore the new alternatives.

Even though electric chainsaws were first invented in 1926, they’ve only been utilized well for the past few decades. Let’s take a look at some important stuff you need to know before we get into the pros and cons.

How Do Electric Chain Saws Work?

Electrical chain saws obviously need an electrical outlet to function. The armature – an internal power-producing part of the saw, converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy (torque). That energy or torque is then passed on to a shaft within the saw that in return, automatically causes the chain to spin along the guide bar. And finally, the saw cuts whatever is present in front of it with a help of some gravity. Simple enough, right?

how electric chainsaw work

What You Can Get From These Electric Chain Saws

The ratio of an electric chain saw’s cost to its workload derived is definitely notable and fair enough. By buying this machine at such a price tag, you don’t just get the full value out of it but, even more so, you can now save hundreds of dollars per year from those expensive lawn care companies.

The value doesn’t end there too. Electric chain saws are a much better choice for the environment as compared to gasoline ones as they release zero emissions. With all these benefits and great cutting power and speed, one can never say no to such awesome tools.

How Electric Saws Have Simplified Time-consuming Tasks

Electric chainsaws have simplified many tasks to a great extent. Whether it’s cutting down a tree, pruning, construction works, bucking, cutting firebreaks, harvesting or any other similar tasks, its role is for sure commendable.

The blade length of the electric chain saw is max 18”. Thus practically saying, it can cut down trees of diameter half the length of its rotating blade. However, in case the tree is too big or heavy, electric chainsaws may not be the most suitable tool to use. For that purpose gas saws lead the way.

People used to have the perception that electric chain saws are not so powerful and have a short battery life. That, my dear readers, is a thing of the past. Modern day electric chain saws with bar blades ranging from 8” to 18” have immense power that will exceed your expectations.

Gasoline vs. electric vs. cordless (battery operated) chain saws – A Quick Look

The electric chainsaws are smudged somewhere in-between gas-powered and cordless battery operated chainsaws. For some people electric chainsaws are incredibly easy to handle because of its comparatively low motor power, minimal noise, reduced kick back risks and much lower maintenance requirements regarding lubrication and gas fueling.

One thing’s for sure…you wouldn’t have to run to the nearest gas station to fill it up with gas. Let’s not get into the dreadful oil and gas mixing process. Phew.

Electric chainsaws can pretty much do everything a cordless saw can do. These saws are good for professional, DIY and heavy duty works while cordless ones are better off for homeowners with only light works.

There are both pros and cons associated with anything. Same goes for the electric chain saws. Here is a complete summary about the advantages as well as disadvantages of electric chain saws so that you can have a better idea:

  • Electric chainsaws are ideal for the yard work.
  • Lightweight and compact – easy for anyone to handle and carry around (portable).
  • Instant start and stop with the press of a button / switch – makes the whole process less nerve-wrecking for beginners.
  • Allows to you reach tall branches easily and hence, more adaptable than gas saws. The reachable advantage is mainly because it’s more controlled and has a better grip.
  • No awful smell, fumes or smoke pollution – environmental friendly and safeguards your health too.
  • When compared to gas saws, the noise level is minimal. Only makes noise when you pull the throttle trigger.
  • The maintenance cost as compared to the other alternatives is very low as there’s no filter cleaning or special oiling required.
  • Lesser vibration and kick backs.
  • Easy storage – just switch off and unplug. That’s it.
  • Works like a charm as long as there’s electricity. Not limited by battery power or gas / fuel.
  • Has many additional premium features like chain brake, ergonomic design, auto-oiling, auto-lubrication systems, motor with high rpm of 2600 etc.
  • The main drawback of electric chainsaws is the workload limitation – not suitable for extremely heavy duty jobs.
  • They lack the blade length for cutting huge trees – max is only 18 inches.
  • Electricity cuts may be a huge barrier as this tool requires an electrical outlet to even switch it on.
  • Presence of long wires may be a hindrance at times. Can get intertwined and hard to maintain carefully whilst concentrating on work.
  • Distance is also limited by the length of the extension cords.
  • Cutting speed is definitely slower than the gas ones – a drawback for professionals.

Upon assessing the advantages and disadvantages of electric chain saws, one can say that it is worth investing in it. But, ultimately, it all depends upon your requirements and nature of work. I hope that through this analysis, you have now gotten a wider, clearer picture of this whole thing.

electric chainsaw vs. gas powered

Safety Aspects

As per studies, the use of electric chainsaws has resulted in more accidents as compared to the other alternatives. But don’t be afraid because, when proper safety precautions are adhered to as below, nothing will go wrong. Kindly follow the safety precautions without fail:

  • Always wear the proper safety gears regulated while working with chain saws to protect your eyes, ears and hands. This includes snug fitting gloves, eye protection, steel toe cap boots etc.
  • Ensure that the tool’s quality maintenance is at the optimum level like sharp blades, tight chains and adequate lubrication at frequent intervals to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure to get a proper grip of the saw with both your hands and position your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Avoid cutting with the tip of the blade – can have very dangerous outcomes.
  • Make sure that you’re at a safe distance from a possibly falling branch to avoid any injuries.
  • Never use a chainsaw during strong, wet or rough weather conditions to avoid accidental accelerations. (sudden high speed of the blade without your control)
  • Always maintain a good posture while operating it and have someone (anyone!) nearby to assist you in case of emergency.
  • Practice makes perfect. If you’re a beginner, please start with light cutting and don’t jump to heavy tasks out of the blue!

The final say

On the whole, electric chain saws are the perfect combination of power, price and durability for suburban homeowners who look forward to a clean, sophisticated living environment.

Having overgrown trees and thick branches all around your garden is undeniably the most horrifying nightmare for garden owners. I’m pretty sure you don’t want that, do you? If not, you have to take the time and effort to think through the best options for you out there.

Electric chainsaws release zero emissions into your garden. This means no toxicity, no harm! Also, they don’t need the lengthy process of oil and gas mixing too! Thus, you’ll never ever have to experience the guilt of oil spilling on the ground and contaminating your soil.

Why wait? Purchase a good, valuable electric chain saw and enjoy the ripe of your worthy investment, while reducing your carbon footprint!